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Performance, value, benefit and experience. That’s what LiveGroup. stands for.

Some things last forever – like cherry tomatoes in the fridge (source: our experiment in the agency’s kitchen).

But to ensure that brands survive and thrive, they need to be managed. We see live marketing as an effective way of keeping brands young and fresh. Because brands don’t live on platforms – they need to be lived and experienced live.


We for you.

Live marketing isn’t rocket science – but at LiveGroup., we have both the rockets AND the science. With us, you can board the rocket with confidence, knowing that we won’t just press the launch button – we’ll also provide the perfect all-round experience.

We always combine creativity with the courage to question things, because “old ways won’t open new doors”.




From customer events to staff parties. From sales meetings to anniversary celebrations and company presentations. From galas to product launches. The right setting and innovative ideas will inform and inspire your guests and elevate your brand to the highest level.



Build your brand with outdoor events that stand out – from a Eurovision song contest screening to a street party, from a giant flash mob to a pop-up park in the centre of Vienna. We will rise to any challenge.



As a professional conference organiser (PCO), we work with both Austrian and international companies, organisations and associations. We organise simple meetings with just as much commitment and drive to deliver the highest quality as multiday conferences

Incentive events &
team-building activities


From exclusive weekend trips to sporting events for the whole company, shared experiences strengthen the bond with the company and create positive feelings among all participants.



You would like to highlight your product at the POS or showcase your brand with a targeted promotion. We can help you tap into new target groups and sales markets, and use unconventional ideas to create a special buying experience and enhance your brand’s presence. We will create the perfect stage.

Live marketing
Consulting & support


We will create the perfect showcase for you. Benefit from more than 20 years’ experience in public and corporate events, conference organisation, roadshows and incentive events.

We are proud to have received a number of awards, accolades, prizes, hiking badges and swimming certificates – but we don’t like to brag about them. If you’d like to take a peek into our awards cabinet, then feel free to browse a little here.

Meet the

LiveGroup emerged from three long-established Viennese event agencies. A well-balanced mixture of lively experience, constant reliability and unconditional professionalism for events.

As one of the leading event agencies, we organize not only incentives and corporate events, but also product presentations, congresses and public events – both nationally and internationally.

With over 30 years of experience, we passionately design, plan and organize unique, creative and innovative events that leave a lasting impression on the participants, true to our motto #liveisnow.